Xubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) on EEEPC 901

Software to be installed

  • Internet
    Purpose Email Browser Instant messages Skype BitTorrent
    Software Thunderbird Default Firefox Default Pidgin Default Skype Deluge
    Install method Default Default Default Download from Skype ソフトウェアの追加と削除
  • Music
    Purpose iPod ID3 tag MP3 Encoder CD Ripper
    Software Rhythmbox Music Player gtkPod Rhythmbox Music Player Rhythmbox Music Player
    Install method ソフトウェアの追加と削除 ソフトウェアの追加と削除 ソフトウェアの追加と削除 ソフトウェアの追加と削除
  • Viewer
    Purpose Photo viewer Video viewer
    Software Picasa 3 VLC
    Install method Picasa 3 ソフトウェアの追加と削除
  • Edit
    Purpose CD/DVD Burner CD/DVD Ripper
    Software Brasero Burner dd if=/dev/cdrom of=my_cd_image.iso DVD Decrypter
    Install method Default Default
  • Others
    Purpose Citrix Printer Scanner Black Berry CIFS Mount
    Software Citrix Default (use CX5200) Sane Default xxxxxxx Gigolo
    Install method Default Default Default xxxxxxx Default


Xubuntu Installation

Use the alternate CD to install softwares on encrypted partitions. Try to use EXT4 to gain some benefit from the latest file system. You need to allocate same amount of your memory space, if you want to use hibernate. But I do not need swap as preserving 1024 MB SSD does not make sense for my EEEPC 901.


One of the complex points is setting up partitions.

  • First create root partition. Allocate 128 MB partition of EXT2 on the primary 4GB SSD. Then mount it as /boot"
  • Setup a logical volume with LVM. This is to combine the remaining primary 4GB SSD and the secondary 16GB SSD
  • Setup encripted logical volume.

Note: I prefer to use relatime (default) as an option of mount Difference noatime and relatime mount options

OS Setup

Enable auto login (as the root partition is encripted and it is required to enter password in order to mount the partition.)

Swap keymap

  • Applications=>設定=>セッションと起動 xmodmap .xmodmaprc
  • Applications=>設定=>キーボード レイアウト Check "システムでフォルトを使用する"

Array.org EeePC Ubuntu Repository

WPA on EEEPC WIFI is not supported by the generic kernel. This is the only reason why I use Array kernel. Install its kernel header to install "eee-control" without issues.

Power management: Suspend/Hibernate

Install eee-control

Startup This might not be needed. (Required testing)

mount CIFS: Set the options, codepage=cp932,iocharset=utf8,_netdev

Setup Wifi with WPA. (WPA is securer impemention than WEP

It seems Jaunty does not support WPA need to check.

Sound setup: Put beside PCM also Lineout to maximum. Then you should have the normal eeepc sound level

iSpeaker PCM~ LineOut Capture Digital
On to use internal speaker Main volume 100% 100% 100%

Note: Skype can adjust recording gain.

Application Installatin


  • Rhythmbox Music Player, VLC, Elisa, gtkPod, Deluge,
  • GSreamer plugins, Xubuntu restricted extras

Synaptic パッケージ・マネージャ

  • gvfs-fuse

Install applications with dlwonloaded packages

  • Skype: Download deb package and install it
  • Citrix: Download linux client from

Application setup

OSD: Applications=>設定=>キーボード アプリケーションショートカットキー

  • Fn + F5: amixer -q set iSpeaker toggle
  • Fn + F6: amixer -q set PCM 10-
  • Fn + F7: amixer -q set PCM 10+
  • Windows: xfce4-popup-menu

Japanese Font Setup

  • Applications=>システム=>言語サポート
  • Applications=>設定=>Qt 4設定
    • Fonts Family VL Pゴシック 7Point
  • Applications=>設定=>Xfce 4 設定マネージャ => 外観
    • Sans 10 => VL Pゴシック 8Point

Use EEEPC as Desktop

I found that there is almost no issue to use EEEPC with external monitor, keyboard and mouse

XGA+ 1152×864 4:3 995,328
Quad-VGA(1.2メガピクセル) 1280×960 4:3 1,228,800
SXGA (Super-XGA、1.3Mピクセル) 1280×1024 5:4 1,310,720
SXGA+ 1400×1050 4:3 1,470,000


http://www.x.org/archive/X11R6.8.0/doc/xorg.conf.5.html xorg.conf


This was not required as Jaunty + eee-control works fine.

There is a set of scrips called eee-control to support ACPI events. But this one does not support OSD.

This is not needed. It automounts MMC/SD

This is not needed as the alternate CD installation covers this