Information to visitor from foreign countries.



それと簡単なアルファベット日本語の対訳ex: www=lol gaijin=foreigner みたいな事を載せていくページ。

It is an example as follows. Please check a thing with oneself having done it.

*I use a tank, an armored car, an airplane as a substitute for a taxi. A line abandoned it to the place that I wanted to go.

* I stepped on a tank, but I hated it being destroyed and stayed at the same spot all the time.

* A ship ran aground

* Though there was the vehicle which I wanted to get on, I shot it because I seemed to be taken to other people.

* Because I was not able to step on the seat where I wanted to step on, I kept on telling [escape].

*I did  TK

*However, I do not apologize

*I changed a team and a team for an instant

*I moved to a team of the one that won.

*Everybody does not hear that I say.So,I did a chat in large quantities.

*I voted, but did voted of it many times because it was rejected.

* Even if it was said uneven by a chat, I did not confirm even the number of people

With a Japanese server, please do not do the above.

** Japanese server chat term mean for player from another countries.

* w, www = lol

* otu, 02, o2 = Thank you playing with us

* orz = I am disappointed

* imo = All the time, the soldier stayed for sniper in same spot. This action is hate for other players.

* kiko = Engineer's repair

* matari = Not an earnest game, but you should not kill other player.

* gati = Earnest game, defeat enemy soldier and flag!!

* idou = You changes from your team to enemy team, this action is absolutely forbidden!! If did, you were banned from the server.

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